Posted by: ArghZombies | December 16, 2009

Hellraiser IV: Bloodline

Death – Girl – Choked with garotte \ rope
Death – Old Man – Stabbed and sliced across face and body
Death – Toymaker – Stabbed
Death – Demons fella – Heart ripped out by demon
Death – man – dragged off to hell dimension by chains
Death – 2 cops – screwed and twisted into eachother Man – Decapitated by chain with blades on end
Death – Man – Ripped apart by hook ended chains
Death – man – decaputated by being pulled through magical mirror
Death – Man – Eaten by hell dog (off screen)
Death – Man – Merged ‘Society style’ into a twin demon

Hell Dog – Explodes in airlock vaccum

Nudity – Demon woman shagging someone


  1. Demon woman shagging someone! 🙂

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