Posted by: ArghZombies | December 16, 2009

Hellraiser: Hellworld

Death – Girl – neck sliced up by rotating blade chair thing
death – man – decapitated by Pinhead with surgical meat cleaver
death – man – speared on meathook
death? – man – dowses self in petrol and sets it alight (shown in a Memory flashback)
death – cop – speared through back of head and out mouth with big spike/steak
death? Girl – Chelsea- stabbed in shoulder with letter opener – fake death, just mirage
Death – adams dad – sliced into 3rds by Cenobite

nudity – topless girl – sex on sofa in nightclub – seen again later
Nudity – 1 girl Boobs in nightclub
nudity – topless bird in party attic room
nudity – topless bird shagging dude in corridor

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