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Coming Soon...

Are you too lazy to sift through paragraph after paragraph just to find out the juicy details of your favourite horror film series? Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we could get the facts and figures for everything in straight-forward bullet points? Fancy some added charts to make it even easier to read? Well here at Series Of Bullets we have the same opinion.

We will endeavour to categorize all your favourite (and not so favourite) horror series so you can easily find the film you are after.

  • Can’t remember which Friday 13th had a guy in a wheelchair take a machete to the face?
  • Want to know which Leprechaun film involves death by Pogo Stick?
  • Was there a film series where a character gets thrown into a big pool of syringes?

Well this blog should answer all those questions, all through the medium of bullet points.

So let’s get started.  Check out Friday the 13th, and Hellraiser from the above bullets. Others will come as and when we get around to watching them. If there are any series you particularly wish to see here then vote on our handy poll!


  1. Had to go with Evil Dead for Dead by Dawn alone (though the other two are quite fun as well).

  2. The Omen doesn’t get enough love.

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